Much Love to Many Lovers: An Exploration of Polyamory

Take a long, filling look at a painting that’s not uni-coloured or bi-coloured. If it has more than two gradients, note how they complement one other, like a mosaic. Maybe the blots and stroke flaws are apparent. But that’s universal to art, right? A perfect piece, an imperfect piece, a uni-coloured block, a bi-coloured painting-it’s […]

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In Conversation with Sasha Rainbow, the Visionary Behind the Lens of Oscar Longlisted Documentary Film, Kamali


Meet the multi-faceted Sasha Rainbow, a storyteller, filmmaker, artist, and the visionary behind the lens of the award-winning short documentary film, ‘Kamali’, which has recently been nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Award in the category of Best British Short Film.  “I believe that stories find you,” Sasha says, “There […]

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Surfing Swami aka Jack Hebner, who recently passed away, leaving the entire surfer community devastated, has left a lasting legacy of surf culture that lives on here in India. These are a few surf spots that have mushroomed over the last few years – a grand manifestation of Swami’s vision of a freeliving lifestyle from when he […]

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Pass the pasta: Tracing pasta shapes


Picture yourself twirling your fork through perfectly cooked strands of spaghetti, with the tanginess of the tomato sauce and seasoning hitting soprano as you take the first bite in. The next bite brings in more twirls, more pasta. By the time you dig your fork for the third time, all the remaining strands seem like […]

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